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Dental Bridges

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If your smile is missing a tooth, a bridge can help make it full again. James Beck, DDS, is a skilled and dedicated dentist who provides high-quality dental bridges with his team at Alta Canyada Dental Group in Glendale, California. Call the office today to schedule your dental bridge visit with Dr. Beck and the team.

Dental Bridges Q & A

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a device that replaces a missing tooth or teeth. The restoration is a fixed oral prosthetic that mimics the form and function of the tooth that was lost to trauma or infection.

Dental bridges are a great option for patients who need to replace several teeth in a row. This restoration procedure is also less involved than other approaches, such as receiving multiple dental implants to fill the gaps in your smile.

Why should I get a dental bridge?

You and the team at Alta Canyada Dental Group may choose a dental bridge that can replace a  missing tooth or several teeth in your smile for a few reasons. Among many benefits, a dental bridge can:

  • Make it easier to speak and chew properly
  • Hold the rest of your teeth in place, so they don’t shift out of alignment
  • Evenly distribute the biting force in your smile

Dental bridges also improve your smile cosmetically. By filling in the unsightly gaps in your mouth, a dental bridge can give you a more full, even, and healthy-looking smile.

What’s the process for getting a dental bridge?

First, Dr. Beck prepares your abutment teeth by shaving off enough of their enamel to make room for the crowns of your bridge. After he’s finished preparing your abutment teeth, he takes an impression of your mouth. He sends that impression to a lab, and the lab uses it as a model to custom-build your bridge. 

It takes about two weeks or so for the lab to finish fabricating your bridge. During this time, you will have a temporary bridge in place. Once your permanent restoration is ready, you can come back to the office, and the team can permanently seal it in place.

Schedule your visit with Alta Canyada Dental Group today by calling the office, and let Dr. Beck and the team improve your smile with a high-quality dental bridge.


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