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Same Day Crown

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If you want to get a dental crown without having to go through the long waiting period of using an off-site lab, then a same-day crown is for you. James Beck, DDS, and the team of dental professionals at Alta Canyada Dental Group in Glendale, California, provides their patients with same-day CEREC® crowns. Call the office today to get started with your same-day crowns.

Same Day Crown Q & A

What is a crown?

A crown is an artificial cap that sits above your tooth and gums. Crowns can treat a wide range of conditions and can improve your smile by:

  • Covering an unsightly tooth
  • Restoring a decayed tooth
  • Reinforcing a weakened tooth
  • Protecting a tooth from further damage

Many patients also get crowns after a root canal treatment to restore the structural integrity of their teeth.

With a crown, you get a renewed and rejuvenated tooth cap that feels and functions just like the real thing, enhancing your ability to eat and speak properly.

In some cases, you can opt for a same-day crown, which can restore your smile immediately.

What material is a same-day crown?

Alta Canyada Dental Group offers same-day CEREC crowns, made from a solid block of pressed ceramic or composite resin. The ceramic or resin in same-day crowns is a durable substance that can withstand just as much bite pressure as other crown materials.

Same-day crowns also look just like your natural tooth enamel, both in color and in the way that it reflects light. These qualities allow your same-day crown to simultaneously blend in with your smile and optimize your oral health.

What makes a same-day crown unique?

A same-day crown is special because it enables Dr. Beck to restore your tooth in a single office visit.

Normally, when you get a crown, Dr. Beck shaves some enamel from your tooth, takes an impression of your smile, and sends that impression to an off-site lab. The off-site lab does the actual designing and fabrication of your crown, which can take weeks to complete.

During that time, you have to wear a temporary crown, and you have to come back to Alta Canyada Dental Group for a second appointment to place your permanent restoration, which takes more time out of your schedule.

When you get a same-day crown, Dr. Beck shaves the enamel from your tooth and takes a digital scan. ., Then he uploads the scan to a machine in his office called a CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic).

The CEREC mills your crown from a tiny block of ceramic or composite resin while you wait in the dental chair. The entire process, from start to finish, takes about two hours, after which you leave the office with a beautifully restored smile.

Call the office to schedule an appointment at Alta Canyada Dental Group and get your same-day crown today.


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